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Squash Says He Won’t Be Caught Lacking In New Song “Skillful” – Listen

Squash drops off a new single “Skillful.”

Mobay based dancehall deejay Squash is clearly feeling the pain from the attempted assassination of Rygin King, one of his city’s own. On Sunday, the day of the incident, Squash shared an image of Rygin in a studio, below which he left a heartfelt captioned. He wrote, “Wull firm my bro gad jah jah deh yah fi you.” Today he addresses the corruption faced after getting fame, as well as the need to protect oneself from gluttonous persons on his new song titled “Skillful.” The Attomatic Records produced track puts Squash in his element; that slow creeping intro topped with a barrage of lyrics.

The melodically crafted lyrics in the chorus give way to Rygin King’s name. “The mount a strength wa we give and them still want we fi dead,” sing’s The 6IXX Boss before mentioning the now hospitalized deejay who skillfully and miraculously got away from his attacker. “Pain and memories. baddd song squash no lie @rygnking get well soon from the family. its pain but there is life,” commented one fan.

“This bredda well bad full a melody song’s always have feelings. flow nuh normal mi is a sing j him song Dem a teach me the dawg cuda dead he’s from a dangerous place , Bay, yow rygin,” said one fan before giving the artiste a word of advice, “don’t drop guard Dem will shoot you like rygin don’t left you gun you.”

Squash’s new track can be streamed below.