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Clip Of Kanye West Playing Vintage Sonic Game Shared By Kid Cudi

Kid-Cudi and Kanye West

Kanye West and Kid Cudi are playing video games while they work on the upcoming premiere of their new animated series.

Creatives coming together to create is one of the best things about the artistic world. With so many ways to express their art and creativity, it’s always anybody’s guess what celebrities will collaborate on next. From fashion to music, cosmetic lines to health and lifestyle, we have people teaming up everywhere for a special joint effort.

Kid Cudi decided to give fans a sneak peek at his latest activities at home on social media, and it involves hanging out with Kanye West. Cudi tweeted a video of ‘Ye at his house playing Sonic on a vintage arcade game while discussing how great the videogame is. “Ye playin Sonic at my crib,” Kid Cudi wrote alongside the video with the hug emoji. According to Yeezy, it’s his son Saint’s favorite videogame character as well. “And then the animation style is so dope,” he added.

Kanye might try his hand in designing a videogame next if we let him, but he was probably just meeting with Kid Cudi to discuss their upcoming project. Apparently, the two rappers are working on a new animated series called “Kids See Ghosts,” which is said to be coming soon along with Kanye’s thousand other things, including a new song dropping on Wednesday and possible album next, and a new ten-year deal between Yeezy and Gap.

Kanye West and Kid Cudi released their joint album Kids See Ghosts in June 2018. Now the namesake for their new animated series, the moniker, has transcended to their current phase in life. The rappers will be the voices of the lead characters Kanye Bear and Kid Fox.

Do you think designing a new videogame will be their next order of business?