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Nicki Minaj Announces “Pink Friday 2” A Decade After Iconic Album

A decade later and Nicki Minaj is on the verge of dropping Pink Friday 2.

Nicki Minaj recently got her taste of just what it’s like to sit atop the Billboard Hot 100 as a leading artiste, albeit it was only for a short run. She seems poised to attempt another run atop the charts, and by the looks of it, she is drawing on a successful decade-old formula to concoct a new entry that could land on her new album.

Mrs. Petty took to Twitter to share two very important tweets, one which seemingly reveals the name of a new song and another which seemingly announced the sequel of one of her best projects. In one tweet, she simply wrote, “MEMORIES,” which was followed by a green checkmark. Nicki’s Barbz went wild in the comments, and various assumptions of what the cryptic messages meant were tossed about. The one that seemed to stuck the most was that it was the title of an upcoming song. Sadly the rapper did not offer any additional info on the track; however, she dropped something even more important in her second tweet.

She simply wrote, “PF2.” Nicki Minaj fans are more than aware of what the powerful acronym means. Pink Friday is the debut album of Nicki Minaj. The project debuted at number 2 on the album charts and was able to secure the number spot in the weeks to follow. 2010’s Pink Friday is still considered one of her most creative projects, with her alter ego Roman Zolanski being a big hit among fans.

Earlier this year, Nicki mentioned that she would be resting her previous alter egos, Roman Zolanski, the Harajuku Barbie, Nicki Lewinsky- and will instead be taking on the role of Queen Sleeze. During the Twitter Q&A, she gave a sneak peek into what the alter ego is like. “She’s more calm but way deadlier. My husband always says he’s more afraid when I talk quiet [than] when I yell. Lmao. He said that’s how he knows when I’m dead tf serious,” she said.

Fans already have high hopes for Pink Friday part 2, and we are sure Nicki Minaj will be working to provide a nice balance for all her fans to enjoy.