Stylo G And Chris Gayle Floss In “Too Hot Celebrity Remix” Visual

Dancehall hitmaker Stylo G adds CPL legend Chris Gayle to his impressive list of remix collaborators.

If there’s anything Stylo G has mastered in his short time on the scene, it’s unique, magnetic riddims and star power remixes. The newcomer has secured celebrity medleys with industry heavy-hitters Vybz Kartel & Nicki Minaj on 2018’s “Mmhmm” and Sean Paul & Spice on the party anthem “Dumplin.” He recently turned his sights to the sporting arena for some legendary talent to amp up his pre-summer smash “Too Hot,” originally released back in April. The remix features none other than former West Indies Cricket Captain Chris Gayle, who takes a swing at his first record after an impressive T20 career. The visuals combine sultry neon lit scenes with sunny, outdoor party vibes, plus an all female cricket match with the “six machine” sportsman as the watchful umpire.

Playing up his longtime moniker, “Universe Boss” the former batsman drops some serious bars, bowling us over with some clever punchlines on his extravagant, hard-hitting lifestyle: Ah di millionaire laugh/ Chris Gayle, di Universe Boss/ Man hotta dan a pepper inna pot/ Stylo time fi shoot di verse fast/ Nah stop ah four, mi ah slap dem fi six/ Mi nuh waste time check di watch pon mi wrist/ Deh pon di road like tyre, ova di worl’ man hot like fire/ Mi ah get gyal long before cricket, she book it, nuh miss it, first class ticket/ She see mi style an mi neva haffi trick it/ Di same night mi haffi bowl out di wicket..” he spits.

Stylo delivers with his usual grit and genius, stunting like the remix boss that he’s proven to be time after time. There’s no doubt among fans that this one will steal the season, batting away the competition as it climbs the charts.