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Rapper H-D Sounds Exactly Like Jay-Z In This Viral Video

Brooklyn rapper H-D is going viral after more fans discover just how much he sounds like Jay-Z.

After several years in the industry, Brooklyn rapper H-D is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Terrell Annunziata who was once professionally known as Young HD now just goes by H-D. He was recognized before for his sound which is so similar to Jay-Z it is uncanny. H-D who was born in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn once cited Jay-Z as one of his influences but he said he “grew up listening to a wide range of music which helped form the foundation” of his current sound.

In late 2019, HipHopLately reported that the Brooklyn rapper sounds so much like Hov it was as if he was lipsynching. At the time, the publication highlighted his new song “Ghetto Sunday” which is the same track that is making him go viral today. Someone over at the popular social media news source The Shade Room caught wind of H-D’s talent and shared a post with an excerpt from his music video.

Fans unanimously agreed that the rapper sounded eerily close to Jay-Z after engaging with the Instagram post. Even Chance the Rapper could not believe his ears and only managed to scribe the flushed face emoji in the comments to indicate that he was floored. Erykah Badu also passed through the comments with the eyes emoji as if she wondered, “Do y’all hear this sh*t?”

Some fans expressed that even H-D’s flows were similar to Jay’s and that the sounds were so identical they believed it was a joke at first. While H-D is being scrutinized for his sonic likeness to the hip-hop mogul, one thing that’s undeniable is his rap skills and natural talent. Check him out in his music video for “Ghetto Sunday.”

Do you think Jay-Z will reach out to his fellow New York rapper for a twin sound collab?