Aidonia Getting His Own Brand Of Weed, Here’s How You Can Help Name It

Aidonia is about to have his own brand of weed.

Dancehall artiste Aidonia has been championing the use of the super herb marijuana for years now, and it made complete sense when in 2019, he became a brand ambassador for Epican Medicinal Limited, Jamaica’s first cannabis dispensary. The entertainer has unlocked a new achievement in the world of hemp by securing his very own strain of marijuana to be produced by the team at Epican. The company broke the news to their followers nearly a week ago and even asked them to provide a name for the new strain.

“@aidonia4thgenna in the Epican Lab developing his NEW trademark strain with our Regional Retain Manager @kharmalove, Head of Marketing @jbibbons and President, D McK. What do you think he should name his strain? Best name wins!” they advised in the caption below the image of Donia and the company executive donning white lab coats.

4/20 enthusiasts and fans of Aidonia expressed their creativity and knack for thinking out of the box as they dropped their best suggestions in the comments. Here are a couple of the names they threw out, Nuh Boring Herb, aircraft, HighDonia OG, Macka jook, Head banga, Di Genna Maximus, Bruckweh, Hundred Stab, and Kalief Kush.

The company has yet to reveal the name they have selected, but the partnership between the entertainer seems to be working out just as company leaders would have hoped.

Dwayne McKenzie, the president of Epican, spoke about the significance of highlighting the correlations between the herb and dancehall music during the ceremony announcing Aidonia’s appointment as ambassador.

“When we look at Aidonia’s chart, how he has moved and how he has held his own, it reminds us of what we went through. So all the signs aligned themselves, and everything was properly worked out,” said McKenzie. He continued, “I am sure it will be a lasting and an evolutionary relationship, which will bring something to the Epican brand.”

Aidonia was also excited about joining the Epican team. “It is a great fit because dancehall music and marijuana is like a relationship, a marriage; and if you check the history of dancehall music and reggae music, we have been fighting for this. Once I got this opportunity to be a part of this, it was just ‘epicness,'” said the 4th Genna artiste.

“Kush Inna Mi Brain,” “Lala Land,” and “Day & Night” a remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite” are just some of the artistes biggest tracks that have paid homage to the herb.