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DJ Khaled Goes To The Dentist In Hazmat Suit For His First Time Outside In 3 Months

You can only be in quarantine for so long, as DJ Khaled has discovered.

The threat of the coronavirus is still very real, with the best prevention being to practice social distancing and stay indoors. DJ Khaled has been taking his COVID-19 determent seriously and hasn’t left his house for three months.

Unfortunately for the “I’m the One” producer, that all changed this week Khaled experienced the severe anguish that comes with having his root canal break. The dental procedure had been performed 15 years ago which means it lasted pretty long, but not long enough. “I can’t take it no more,” he shared with fans in a video that he posted on IG . “I refuse to accept this pain that I’ve been having for 15 years.” And so, off Khaled went to a specialist dental surgeon, but not without taking precautions.

The 44-year-old made sure that he was geared up to disengage a nuclear atom bomb, never mind head into a dentist’s office as he donned a full-on hazmat suit, a mask, gloves, and shoe coverings for his adventure. Looking somewhat like a moonwalker, Khaled explained in his Instagram pictures that he wasn’t taking chances.

“Play wit it if you want, I got kids I don’t play games. First day out the crib in 3 and half months,” he wrote. For those with a strong stomach, the father of two posted a video of the dental team hard at work inside his mouth, as well as a clip that made you unable to feel for the music producer (and compare him to a cartoon character) as he had to wear a bandage around his head and was in undeniable agony.

Based on the posts, it looks like the procedure went well, so Khaled can return to his home confines — and will hopefully remain pain-free.

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