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Joe Budden Blasts The Shade Room For Not Doing Enough To Help BLM Movement

Joe Budden
Joe Budden

Joe Budden does not agree with how The Shade Room is using its platform during the recent Black Lives Matter movement.

Over the last several weeks, tensions have been high across the country as minorities and allies look to enact change and fight systemic racism after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. We have seen celebrities from artists, to comedians, to athletes do their part to push the BLM movement forward and podcast host Joe Budden has some critiques for those who he feels aren’t doing enough — including the creators of The Shade Room.

The conversation on Wednesday’s episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast” started with the host calling on all artists to use their platforms to deliver a message as he gave props to Lil Baby for his latest single that spoke about police brutality and the criminal justice system.

The retired MC then said that the blog Baller Alert is doing a “phenomenal job” in posting videos and stories about the movement and footage of protests happening around the country. Budden also mentioned that other blogs are taking the time to repost videos of white people calling the cops on black people or publicly displaying racism and tracking down those individuals on the internet.

All while this is happening, Budden said, The Shade Room continues to post content that isn’t of importance during this time. “What a horrible job the f**king Shade Room is doing. Like I’m hurt by it a little bit,” he said on the podcast. “And I shouldn’t be because what do we expect from The Shade Room? But I expect for anybody here that’s in this and living this and seeing this and feeling this to be utilizing their platform responsibly to deliver something. And if you’re not doing that, then what the f*ck was you here for in the first place originally?”

The “Love & Hip Hop” star said that while The Shade Room has over 19 million followers on Instagram, he was disappointed to see them continue to “post about a bunch of bullsh*t that nobody gives a f*ck about.”

“Who cares about what f**king Tory Lanez is saying right now? Who cares about any of this sh*t? Who cares about Future and his baby moms. No disrespect to any of these people of course,” he said. “We just need to be real careful with who we put on a pedestal, who we empower. Because when it’s time for them to give it back, it’s not coming back.”

Budden questioned where TSR and other blogs are getting gossip from when the quarantine just ended. He pointed out that other sites that make a living off of gossip have turned their focus to more important stories that reflect the global Black Lives Matter movement currently happening.

He called TSR irresponsible and said he feels like they can “do more.”

Do you think Joe has a point?