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Stefflon Don Says Her Brother Wanted By Cops For Supporting Black Lives Matter

Stefflon Don is coming to her brother’s defense after police in the UK go on a ransacking search for him.

After announcing that he was going to attend a Black Lives Matter protest last weekend, UK star Stefflon Don’s brother is wanted by the national police. According to the “Hurtin’ Me” singer, her brother didn’t go to the protest, but even if he did, the fact that the police see that as a reason to arrest is the exact reason why the protests for fair treatment is happening in the first place.

Taking to social media to vent about the incident that reportedly took place at her sister’s house, Stefflon Don gave an impassioned speech about the police’s behavior and her brother’s innocence. She also called on Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, to investigate.

“My brother is wanted by the @metpoliceuk because he said on Instagram that he was going to the BLM protest last Saturday but he did not even go,” Stefflon Don wrote. “They came bursting into my sisters house while her child was there ransacked it and searched everywhere. @BorisJohnson how is this ok?”

She continued, “Systematic oppression is real, and this is totally unfair. These are the reasons we Protest. These are the reasons we are hurting because we are continuously treated unfairly. We protest for equality, freedom, and for people to value our lives as much as they value others. What is so wrong with wanting this?”

No arrests have been reported in this incident, but the fact that they’re trying to remand him for wanting to join a protest is censorship. I wonder if they would care to hunt him down for wanting to use his right to free speech if he was white. Do you agree with Stefflon Don that the police raid was a little much and the reason for the protests in the first place?