Bob Marley’s Son Julian Marley Honors Late 11-Year-Old Daughter, “Let JAH Be Praised”

Bob Marley’s son, Julian Marley, remembers his daughter Caveri Marley one year after her sad death.

It’s never a good day to write or read about a child’s demise. So you can imagine how much more difficult it is to experience it for yourself. Last year in June, Julian Marley, unfortunately, became a father without a child when his daughter Caveri Marley passed away. The reggae singer is now honoring her on social media a year later.

Julian Marley took to Instagram to share a beautiful picture of Caveri dressed in full white and wearing a big smile. Alongside the photo, which is sure to command tears from any reader, Marley wrote, “Let JAH Be Praised, the unblemished shall enter the kingdom of Zion, clean heart clean thoughts .. one of I guiding angels Caveri Marley.” At just 11 years old, Caveri died from a brain tumor on June 15, 2019.

During an interview with Buzz Caribbean in February, Julian Marley expounded on his daughter being an angel. “My daughter was 11-years-old when she transitioned,” he began. “I get to understand when children transition they become angels immediately – they don’t go through the judgment, they don’t sleep like the rest of the adults who have been through so much tribulations and ups and downs and foolishness. Children are perfect so that is enough inspiration and healing for me.”

Julian Marley also lost his dad, reggae legend and global icon, Bob Marley to cancer in 1981. To relive that with his own child in 2019 must have been incredibly challenging and heartbreaking. Julian also told BUZZ earlier this year how he has been coping. “What has been helping me in the healing process is Rastafari, the Almighty God of creation,” he said.

We hope the Marley family is holding up around the anniversary of Caveri’s death. May her soul rest in perfect peace.