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Bounty Killer Respond To Trolls Who Compare His Girlfriend To D’Angel

Bounty Killer was forced to defend his girlfriend from trolls who compared her to his ex D’Angel

It was clearly a family affair for legendary dancehall artiste Bounty Killer and pulled out all the stops to ring in his 48th birthday celebration. After all, it’s now only two more years until the big 5.0. The likes of Popcaan, Koffee, Wayne Marshall, Kemar Highcon, Selecta Rolexx, Bling Dawg, and even rival turned friend, Beenie Man, turned up at what is now considered a starstudded event. Killer also brought out the Prices for the experience, and he ensured that he shot a couple of photos with his 4 kids. However, we saved the best for last, as there was also his special lady, Claudia, at the event.

The two have been going strong for over a decade now, and the Killer has no problem publicly confessing his love to his queen. He has done so through public declaration, one of the most fulfilling being his 2017 proclamation on her birthday. He also threw hew a massive birthday celebration last year October.

With so many years poured into his beautiful queen, you must understand just how cross and angry he got when someone decided to make a pass at her on social media. “Bounty woman sexy tho. Me wudda tek a slap out of her,” came the comment below the image Bounty uploaded to his Instagram account. However, the Warlord was having none of it and issued a fierce clapback.

“@malvochado. Slap out a yu mumma junjo front. Boy have respect ova ya b__y breathe,” Bounty wrote angrily. The move was met with applause from many of Killer’s followers.

However, the Instagram user was clearly up for a bit of banter and decided to drop a reply, showing he had no concern about Bounty Killer’s words.

“Everybody ready fi tek me on. I said what I have said; don’t care,” he mentioned, waging a direct attack against Killer, “u nuh see Killa a sissy …Which man act like that?”

Bounty responded, blasting his harasser for finding himself below his profile. “@malcochado. Mi a sissy and yu a fishy u on my page following me up b__y fish; b**ch how much gyal deh pon IG go comment pon a gyal page sh*t pit.”

“Fish that came looking man Attention we give dem hot Tension. Di fag a bawl bout I’m following up sh*t, so who’s page and who’s post him commented on?” Killer asked vehemently.

Another user decided to make a comparison with Killer’s lady; meshing her against his ex-girlfriend. “She kinda resemble Angel,” the IG user remarked.

However, Bounty Killer was not on the same wavelength. “@missbb55. Now come on, wake up. That’s the worse comparison u could’ve ever made. They are far wide and apart in resemblance. Wash out ur eyes please,” he remarked.

Another person decided to test the Grung Gad’s faith and wrath with another heated comment. “Crosses Bounty yu feisty nuh BC… U feel a everybody go comment sumn nice? Yes yu woman look good BT u need fi shake up yu feisty like,” he went.

Bounty seemingly took the high road in his response bringing up the user’s parentage. “U mother never tell if u nuh have ntn good fi say shut yu mouth comment bad or negative over and I compliments u simple,” he said. However, the new perpetrator clearly had it out for Bounty and continued, “grunggadzilla ask yuself; u remind mi a Intense all u do a lip trace, gweh!”

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The perp then ironically formed an alliance with another person who came to the defense of D’Angel. “@grunggadzilla, you a trace like a big cratchez gyal. You see how you mouth long like River Nile. Which part a Claudia look better than Angel? She fava me granny old chip-up chip-up coffee mug,” she commented.

“Di two a unnuh look like di scarecrow whe me daddy use to heng up inna him weed field fi scare di bird them. Diss more look like a clown party inna unnuh pretty pretty garments dem. A whe you buy dem clothes deh dung a rae rae grung?” they commented.

Bounty Killer, being one never to back down from a confrontation, battled other naysayers who even went at him for other matters such as his skin tone.

Nonetheless, Bounty Killer seems content with his union and will continue to defend her at all costs.