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Sean Paul Calls On Fans To Spread Universal Love In “Calling On Us All” Video

In the words of Tov Lo, “When @duttypaul calls you pick up!!”

Well, Sean Paul is calling on his fans to help spread universal love by crafting a brand new quarantine inspired music video for “Calling On Me.” The Swedish pop singer and the Jamaican rudeboy dropped off the first official video for the track on Valentine’s Day, and the track has since amassed a rather lukewarm response of over 9 million views – considering the combined talent and the positive message being shared. The pair have been steadily promoting the track, even securing a spot on what Tov Lo described as a pre-lockdown performance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! The recent human containment as a result of steps to flatten the COVID-19 curve, plus with racial turmoil erupting in various countries around the world, has seemingly led to a different approach from SP.

The “Temperature” deejay is ditching the usually expensive production cost that comes with formulating an aesthetically appealing music video for something a little less flashy. He has instead opted for a low budget, high impact approach, which involves having fans submit short clips of how they are getting about during the lockdown. We are almost four months into quarantine, which means that the ‘excitement’ of being tucked away inside has somewhat faded. Nonetheless, SP should still receive a few decent clips to help spread his message. Fans should surely feel somewhat excited as the selected clips will make it into the new video, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be in a Sean Paul video.

“REAL LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!! MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER 2 BE THERE 4 EACH OTHER. NUFF LUV 2 EVERYONE!!!” penned Sean Paul in the caption below a video promoting the brand new challenge. He then directs his followers to a link in his IG bio, which heads straight to the section of his official website where they are able to gather more information as well as submit their home video.

Even amidst the quarantine, the Jamaican entertainment maestro has been keeping his face present in the media. He found himself on Nick Canon’s Wild ‘n Out, along with Kranium. He also touched base with Pitchfork and discussed some of “His Top Dancehall Songs.”

“Calling On Me” provides a truly inspiring concept that could prove useful during these perilous times when the world, and in particular people of color, are struggling to break free of systematic lashing from races that falsely deem themselves superior.