Chronixx Showcases Jamaica’s Breathtaking Scenery In “Same Prayer” Video

Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid drops a video for “Same Prayer,” showcasing Jamaica’s breathtaking scenery.

Chronixx has been all over the world and even been doing some remixes of pop hits. But he brings it all back to JA with a walk through the countryside,” were the words uttered by one viewer of the brand new music video for “Same Prayer,” which features Kabaka Pyramid. The observation made by the fan was spot on, as director and video editor Ivor McCray provided a simple but effective concept. The video is packed with beautiful shades of greens brought about by the lovely shots of the Jamaica highlands, gardens, and rural roadway.

Both Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid fit into the scenes perfectly, as not only are their minimal movements one with the slow pace at which nature evolves, but the darker shades of their outfits pressed against the deep green present the true definition of true commensalism. Chronixx’s multi-colored headdress is one of the few elements that offer a bit of color to the project. Other additions of color come in the form of the dramatic animations provided by Vo7can.

The music video serves as a great addition to the already smooth and positive nature of the song.

“Chronixx is always cooking up some beautiful, peaceful vibes in his music. I really appreciate him,” mentioned one viewer below the music video published to Youtube.