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Young Buck Blames 50 Cent For G-Unit Downfall, Speak On Gay Rumors

Young Buck and 50 Cent

Young Buck says he cared more about getting his business in order than Fifty spreading gay rumors about him.

It is safe to say that Young Buck and 50 Cent’s relationship is in ruins, and the former G-Unit labelmates have been feuding publicly for the internet to see. Buck has called out Fifty for refusing to let him out of his old contract, and Fifty has accused Young Buck of being with a transexual and denying his own sexuality.

While they’ve been sparring, Young Buck filed for bankruptcy to escape the G-Unit contract and finally cut the cord, which held onto his creative aspirations for so long. Now looking back, Young Buck says he finds comedy in 50 Cent’s gay rumors and accusations about his sexuality.

During a talk with Adam22 from No Jumper, Young Buck said Fifty deflected with trolling, but their dispute was always business-related. “Him going so hard with the gay sh*t … I laugh at that. I’m very secure of who I am,” said Buck about 50 Cent. “Overall … my separation from G-Unit, it was never about no rumors or none of the bullsh*t he’s pushed out there to the people. It’s been about business. Because he was alerted by somebody that going forward I would be receiving my 33 percent … What shocked me the most is that he was the one encouraging me to get my business in place.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Adam22 said it seemed like Fifty would never allow G-Unit rappers like Buck, Game, Banks or Yayo to get their career to the point where they could possibly outshine him. Young Buck went on to say that Fifty utilizes his trolling and his tendency to run with rumors about the rappers he targets as a means to almost control their rating. “Fifty, I think, I’ma just be honest… It seems like he wouldn’t allow someone to become as big as him or bigger than him,” Buck said.

Buck also explained that he filed for bankruptcy so that 50 Cent would be required to provide him with legitimate documentation about what he owes him (G-Unit). According to the rapper, he devised the plan while in lockup, trying to figure out how he will cover the debt.

Young Buck says his “story is just as real as say a ’50 Cent’ or if not realer” which is why he thinks they bump heads. “I just think my time is coming around now to be understood as Young Buck,” the rapper said.