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Tory Lanez Says His Son Gets 10% Of His Music Sales, Talks Building Generational Wealth

Tory Lanez says his son is getting 10% of his income from music and his sole objective is to build generational wealth.

Tory Lanez is talking longevity and generational wealth in his latest Instagram post. The “Say It” singer shared his tunnel vision outlook as a lengthy caption in a time of introspection from members of the Black community. “My child is going to be sitting on a throne like this one day… For Every record I make he gets 5% – 10% now that I’m independent… THE ROYALTIES WILL LAST LONGER THAN HIS LIFETIME… that being said I’M GOING TO FLOOD YALL WITH MUSIC AND VIDEOS!” Lanez wrote.

“My purpose is now bigger than me …I dont know how long i will be on this earth, Tomorrow is not promised… so I gotta give you everything while I’m here. And I gotta CREATE the residual income needed in order for my child and his children’s children to never need to work a job,” Lanez added.

His comments come on the heels of a Twitter tit-for-tat over job status and work ethic with “Manifest Queen” B. Simone. In an interview on Nick Cannon’s Power 106 radio show where the host asked her dating preferences, she said she wouldn’t date someone working a 9-5 as that mindset wouldn’t match her current lifestyle or drive. The statement unnerved many women and men, including Lanez who tweeted, “Lolol I guess no one told my dog B.Simone that the world got a lot of people who work a 9-5 THAT GET MORE MONEY THAN SOME OF OUR FAVORITE RAPPERS/ ENTERTAINERS.”

B. Simone followed up with some clarification, saying: “I’m only talking about what I want. It has to be in his mindset, that’s what turns me on. I elevated, now I need my man to elevate with me! Its hasn’t got anything to do with money. It looks like Fargo may be the “hustling entrepreneur.”

B. Simone is dreaming of; that or he’s clapping back at her or found the deeper meaning behind her utterances. His own caption alerts us to his winning mindset and ambitions. In the wake of renewed aspirations and strength among Black people, Lane commits to going harder for the sake of his three-year-old son and fulfilling his purpose as life can be snuffed out by various means and at any time.

Tory’s fame has continued to climb since bursting on the scene years ago, with reworked R&B singles such as “Say It,” “Yessirr,” and “Jerry Sprunger.” The Instagram caption’s capitalized reference to royalties is possibly his way of firing the final shots at Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular, who accused the croone of not clearing the sample for “Grind on Me” and “Your Body” for his remixed renditions.

For someone who samples so frequently, the accusation was not taken lightly and was thoroughly addressed by Lanez, who uploaded literal receipts of payment, indicating he’s no thief or pushover. Spectacular’s comeback to all the proof was to poke fun at his hairline, but if it looked as if Lanez let the argument die, its clearly due to some serious realignment taking place in his life.

It would be no surprise if Lanez channeled his renewed focus into a couple of sultry summer bangers. As the Covid-19 summer lingers before us, Fargo may deliver those steamy hooks that make social distancing almost impossible.