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Lisa Hyper Takes A Dig At Vybz Kartel Wife Shorty, Responds To Jodi Couture

Lisa Hyper takes a swipe at Vybz Kartel’s wife Shorty and respond to Jodi Couture.

The now-defunct Portmore Empire/GAZA was one of the biggest and most influential factions in the competitive landscape of dancehall. The undisputed leader of the camp Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of “Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, however, that has not stopped controversy from flowing abundantly from the former members, as the females are now beefing over who is the “First Lady” of the Gaza.

Last week Sheba Di Diva confirmed what many of us were already thinking; Kartel is the epitome of a true ‘gyallis’ and has bedded most of the female entertainers on the GAZA, which ultimately led to issues between her and Gaza Slim. That conversation seemingly gave way to another when Lisa Hyper addressed the claims to the throne made by American based rapper/singer Jodi Couture. Lisa Hyper, one of the founding members of the Portmore Empire outfit, stated that she is the only First Lady.

However, that confident claim to the position did not sit well with Jodi nor Kartel’s longtime common-law wife Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson. Shorty ditched her usually conservative ways and hopped unto Instagram LIVE to state her claim as the real GAZA First Lady. Meanwhile, Jodi used an expletive-laden rant to ask Lisa to stay clear of her name.

Lisa Hyper has being active on social media since her first interview with Dj Lava and decided to address both Shorty and Jodi on separate persons LIVE sessions.

While Lisa was quite passionate and was almost moved to tears when addressing Shorty’s comments of not being able to go to the bank(to manage Kartel’s funds), she seemingly had a change of heart in her most recent session when she spoke about Jodi.

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“My boss was using her to prove a point, say him can use somebody wa a no star and tun dem inna star. Even though she maybe never write the song dem I think she delivered dem well,” mentioned Lisa in what many fans have seen as a forced apology instigated by Vybz Kartel.

“So she can grow, the more she voice, the more her voicing skills will get, the more she write, the more her writing skills will become better so she have potential,” urged Lisa Hyper in a bid to motivate the “Sky Map” singer to progress further. She concluded, “Me nah go hate her I’m not a hater.”

Some fans thought that that the apology from Lisa was quite sincere and showed growth from the 31-year-old musician.

“She just being the bigger woman make it no sense to war in the camp when you just a member…its about billing to get better!” wrote one GAZA fan.

Do you believe that Lisa Hyper,31, acted on her own initiative, or was she instructed by the Worl’boss? Maybe we will need to wait another decade before the answer to that question presents itself.