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Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular And Tory Lanez Gets Into Heated Beef On IG

Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular and Tory Lanez got into a heated beef over alleged stealing of music.

It seems Akon and Tekashi 6ix9ine have been sharing studio time to create a follow-up to Akon’s 2004 hit “Locked Up,” and the internet is rife with opinions about it. Many fans are angry that Akon is giving 6ix9ine the time of day after he infamously used his gang affiliations for clout before turning on his associates in court, however Tory Lanez seems to be heated for a different reason entirely. “So what y’all telling me is….Akon gave the #LockedUpRemix / SAMPLE to someone else !?!?? And not me?!????” Tory complained on Twitter.

The Canadian rapper and producer has gotten his hands on a lot of samples over the years, but now Spectacular from Pretty Ricky is claiming he may not have always gained access the correct way. He replied to Lanez’ tweet with, “you should have just stole it like Grind On Me and Your Body. Why stop now ….. Just keeping it 2 Virgils.” Lanez fired back at the accusation quickly, posting, “STOLE WHAT ??!? Actually I BOUGHT the rights from whoever signed u and publishes your music. But I guess you weren’t apart of that conversation. Go stare in someone eyes and rub on someone thighs and leave me outs this one ….goodnight my black brother.”

It makes sense that Tory would take such an accusation very seriously, considering his career has relied heavily on his ability to sample and remix classic songs. While Lanez seemed to try to end his reply in a civil manner, Spectacular had the last laugh in the comment section, answering, “Ever since you got that new hairline, you been acting different. Stop with the [cap]. Last time I checked, I owned my own masters. What type of bootleg business you running.”

While it seems like some legalities need to be sorted out in this situation, hopefully, these artists can redirect focus to the current social justice movement instead of continuing to throw shade online.