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Nicki Minaj To Drop “New Body” With Kanye West After Song Leaked

Nicki Minaj teases “New Body” with Kanye West after the song was leaked online.

Nicki Minaj has an unreleased track that she recorded with Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign, and the fans want it. The song, entitled “New Body”, was produced for Kanye’s album “Yandhi,” which ended up being shelved — along with all the tracks recorded for it. What was originally set to be “Yandhi” became “Jesus Is King”, but the bright side for fans is that the initial album leaked, and they got to sample “New Body.” The song has been hitting it up on TikTok, but the Barbz want more and have reached out to Nicki to get something more official.

Rumor has it that Kanye West and the “Yikes” rapper couldn’t agree on the song, but Nicki has said that she will contact Yeezy to see what she can do about getting the track released. “Ok lemme hit ye about new body. I see y’all asking,” she wrote in response to the comments on DJ Boof’s Instagram Live. The 38-year-old admitted, however, that she is not such a fan of the single.

“Got me a new body, now I need some new dick / No little wood, tryna stick me like a toothpick / I bust shots, don’t duck, unless the shoe fits / Cookie game make me the GOAT, cookie game come with the throat,” Nicki raps in her verse. Barbz will be hoping that the “Closed On Sunday” rapper doesn’t just agree to release the audio for “New Body,” but also the music video that Nicki Minaj claims was recorded.

Speaking of music videos, the Queens native is believed to have jumped on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s upcoming track, “TROLLZ,” and, according to a fan site, was snuck into his top secret location to shoot the video. After multiple delays, “TROLLZ” is expected to drop on Friday.