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Popcaan Says He Fear For Kids Growing Up In A ‘Social Distance’ Era

Popcaan is dropping knowledge on his fans in a new Instagram post that has opened the floor to some insightful discussions.

Many artists have been inspired to speak up in light of all that’s been happening in the world recently, and dancehall artist Popcaan is no different. The “Numbers Don’t Lie” deejay took to Instagram on Wednesday to make a powerful statement about the bigger plan with social distancing and its longterm effects, as well as the global protests historically being an inadequate tactic to incite a revolution.

Popcaan shared a multi-post with an image of a young girl seated at a cafeteria table that read, “I really fear for young people growing up to believe that social distancing and avoidance of human contact is normal. The psychological and mental costs of this, both at the level of individuals and societies, could have long-term repercussions.”

The second slide was even more thought-provoking than the first. The Unruly Boss shared a video of a protest in the U.S. with an African American father trying to educate people on the bigger picture. The message was that a riot is what the government wants to further their agenda, and as such, he encouraged them to tackle the current social justice crisis differently. He made a pretty compelling argument too, as he pointed out the fact that our ancestors marched for equality, and we are no different, and neither will our children be at this rate.

He challenged a young man on the scene to be innovative and come up with new strategies that will actually effect change in society. “What you see right now is goin’ happen ten years from now,” he told the teenager as he tried to convince onlookers that they’re going about the resistance the wrong way. “Ten years you goin’ be right here too so what I need y’all to do right now at 16 (y.o.) is come up with a better way ’cause what we been doin’ ain’t working. He angry at 46, I’m angry at 31, you angry at 16.”

Popcaan’s sentiments that followed the image and video might have you thinking he is a conspiracy theorist if you don’t stay woke. Alongside the heavy post, he wrote, “Pay attention people!!! nowadays mental slavery is active [than] any other times, don’t be blind to it!!! I hope god protect us all, and I hope we the ppl protect ourselves from the oppression and all these modern days demon and devils.”

“Have a bless day and that’s only for human beings with morals and respect,” Poppy added. The public uproar that has ensued in the wake of all the African Americans who have died at the hands of uniformed lawmen is being put into perspective more and more each day. It’s important for us all to stay connected and effective as people while we fight for our basic human rights.

We have to commend artists like Popcaan with a massive following and influence for using their platforms to spread awareness about these challenging issues.