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Tory Lanez Drops Visuals For “Temperature Rising”

While Tory Lanez could not escape the many fans roasting him about his newfound hair, he still managed to deliver on his promise of proving the nastiest music video of his career. The video follows up on the release of Tory’s recent seductive entry titled “Temperature Rising,” which was released on his independent Label, One Umbrella.

Tory Lanez was pretty clear about the music video when a fan asked just how sexy the flick would be. He confessed, “THIS THE MOST NASTY VIDEO I EVER MADE … I always promised I’d make one of these as a RnB singer !!” Just one lol,” he joked before anyone began developing any other ideas.

To see is to believe, and if the constant licking does not turn your internal thermostat up, you may be on the other side of the spectrum that sees it as a cringe-worthy 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

Nonetheless, those who are intrigued by the close contact with find the poorly lit shots, infused with two tattooed bodies, quite erotic and trodding closely to an adult flick. Scenes are changed using a rotating transition, and we are constantly spun between shots of Tory sitting to those of him getting nasty with his female co-star.

Last week Tory mentioned that he “WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR 80 PERCENT OF THE BABIES MADE DURING COVID 19 because of, “Temperature Rising” and he may just be right.

Peep lyrics from the 2nd verse below to see how he got down.

“Temperature’s risin’
And I’m still fantasizin’ ’bout what I wanna do to you
My body pressed against your body, baby (Yeah)
I’m hittin’ places that nobody can (Yeah)
Lickin’ your body
Lovin’ as the sweat drip down, yeah
I’m tellin’ you to lock the door
If we ain’t sexin’, what we in here for?”

Tory Lanez drops his most diverse Jamaican slang in the description on the Youtube video when he explained to his female fans that the onscreen lovemaking was just for entertainment.

“P.S From me myself and I, seen , to all MY gyal dam ya dunkno say ima true gyalist ….. Don’t get mad at me and bring the ray tay to me cuz im licking shordy’s face in the video !! gyal dam you dun know I love you and I did this for the art, seen !!!! Ya Dunno – Tory,”

“Temperature Rising” can be streamed below.