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Lila Ike Drops Smooth Single “Solitude” Off Upcoming EP ‘The Experience’

Alecia Grey, better known to the world as Lila Iké, dropped off her debut EP The Experience nearly a week ago, and the 7 track debut EP is slowly delivering those heartwarming melodies and bold emotions for all to enjoy.

Things just got a little bit sweeter as “Solitude,” one of the project’s most-streamed tracks, has been retrofitted with those visuals that Lila Ike Ike promised a week ago. The initial audio upload saw the 26-year-old songstress asking fans to “PROTECT” their “PEACE OF MIND.” However, in order to fully grasp Lila’s thought process in penning the track along with the one-woman dramatization of the visuals, one must very understand what being in a state of solitude entails.

Firstly, solitude can be seen as the state or situation of being alone. Alone with your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions in order to recharge and face the world again.

As ironic as it may seem, many individuals who crave this level of self intimacy are currently finding it hard to cope with the recent call from governments for everyone to remain inside. Not only are they not allowed the freedom to venture to their favorite getaways, but many are also bombarded by constant interactions.

While Lila Iké’s visualizer for “Solitude” does not even reach the 4 minutes mark, it still provides enough content for a person looking to escape the hustle and bustle of his/her current space.

Viewers are able to bask in the coolness of the river, relive the magnificence of the lush fauna Jamaica has the offer, and take a trek through hilly terrain, all through the visual provided by Ike and her team. But it doesn’t stop there, you are able to take a jog with the empress, perform a little yoga, pick a mango before sitting under the tree to help pen the lyrics to “Solitude.”


Go ahead and reveal your favorite spot to escape from it all.