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Chronic Law Drops New Song “Lock Down” Listen It

Chronic Law is steadily finding his way into the hearts of his females by releasing a couple of ‘female themed’ tracks since the start of 2020. His newest release titled “Lock Down” plays on the current COVID-19 situation the world is battling, as governments implement self-quarantine measures for citizens to adhere to.

The LawBoss puts his own spin on the call to action by recruiting one house full of ladies to keep his company through the clampdown. Throughout the chorus he confesses that he is not leaving his premises and will instead use this time to pleasure his female companions. While he doesn’t confess to the following: We are positive that he will use the time to write and record a few bangers for his craving fans. With so many bodies meshed together, we are sure to get a few more songs aimed at the ladies.

“Yes youth ease off a d killing n gun pree gyal money n fun n Tek did to another level cuz u lyrical den link spragga bounty r cobra n Tek some live performance lesson n voice training n u gone a lead bro….. represent yard to d fullest cuz we standard high n u have d potential,” advised one fan.

“Lock Down” sees Chronic Law utilizing a similar flow that we have heard on some of his other releases. Nonetheless, his lyrical ingenuity keeps on evolving and he lets fans in on the action with every new release – this is something that should always be commended.

Spice gets a nice little shoutout when he recounts when he “Buk a gal a #Villa seh she broader dan Spice / she do some ra**cla*t style wa make me harder than life”

Chronic Law’s “Lock Down” can be streamed below.