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50 Cent Turns Up His Trolling Of Irv Gotti Over BMF Debt

50 Cent

50 Cent is still pressing Irv Gotti to pay his dues to the Black Mafia Family.

In light of Terry “Southwest T” Flenory being released from jail, 50 Cent has made it his mission to help recoup what is owed to him and his family. According to the TV producer who is behind a new documentary to feature the crime family’s story, a few rappers were still in arrears and needed to pay up.

50 Cent recently namedropped veterans like Diddy and Jeezy when he was calling for fees, telling them, of course, to pay up by “Monday,” but it looks like one is still outstanding. Fifty also mentioned that his old foe Irv Gotti needed to pay his debts, but the record executive refused, claiming he owed nothing to the family and that he, Southwest T, and the more notorious brother Big Meech who is still presently incarcerated, are in a good place.

Irv Gotti and Ja Rule

Fifty has since refuted that and has taken to Instagram again for an update. It should be noted that when Jeezy made contact – reportedly through Diddy, according to Fifty, the infamous troller took to Instagram to advise the public. “At jeezy all checked in, he called puffy and got on with @bmfboss_swt_263 every thing all good,” he wrote at the time.

Now amidst Irv Gotti’s refusal 50 Cent shared a post with the caption. “@irvgotti187 punk ass checked in, so he need to work out his payment plan,” he wrote alongside an old photo of Irv Gotti. “Talking about we in a pandemic. FT where the money.”

Since he and Gotti were never exactly friends, many are wondering if 50 Cent is just exploiting an opportunity to show him up. Do you think Fifty has a genuine interest in seeing the Black Mafia Family get what is owed to them? He is executive producing their new documentary after all.