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50 Cent Called Out Jeezy & Diddy After BMF’s Big Meech Brother Release From Prison

50 Cent

50 Cent called out Jeezy, Diddy, and Irv Gotti while reacting to the release of BMF’s founder Big Meech’s brother, Southwest-T, from prison.

50-year-old Terry “Southwest-T” Flenory, one of the main forces behind the Black Mafia Family, BMF, was released from prison, amidst health concerns brought about by COVID-19. Terry is expected to complete the rest of his sentence under house arrest. Both Terry and his brother, 51-year-old Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, ran a very successful drug empire that distributed cocaine to major cities across the country and even had strong ties to Mexican drug cartels. The duo raked in over $270 million in profits over there 15-year stint, starting from the early 1990s and ending when the empire was brought to its knees in 2005.

According to The Detroit News, over 100 other co-defendants were also brought in and over 21 million in assets held during the bust. Investigators revealed that Terry ran operations from the Los Angeles hub meanwhile Demetrius handled things in Atlanta.

After three years in waiting, both brothers were sentenced to 30 years in prison. However, Terry’s sentence was drastically reduced about two years ago, and instead of a 2032 release date, he was scheduled to leave prison in 2026. Demetrius’s initial sentence remains unchanged.

Prosecutors claimed that Demetrius used his rap label and promotions business BMF Entertainment as a way to launder money earned from his drug empire. The kingpin also had co-owned JUICE Magazine, which was also used as a font. With strong ties to the hip hop community, there have been many calls for the release of the duo. Most notable support came through rapper LL Cool J and rapper/tv show producer 50 Cent, who is currently working on a series surrounding the lives of the BMF.

50 Cent shared a post that appears to be trolling Jeezy for owing the BMF money. “Big T said get Jeezy a*s too,how you Screaming BMF Who helped you get a record dea,” 50 wrote. “Then Meech mom is calling you and texting you to let you know ‘T is home and You ignoring the phone calls. so now his mom said f**k the backstage passes and free tickets to the concerts pick up the phone Ni**a.”

50 Cent also went after Diddy and Irv Gotti who are both longtime foes of his.

Southwest-T’s former defense lawyer, Steve Fishman, also helped to champion his release. He mentioned, “Terry Flenory is a really good guy and anyone who knows him would agree with that.”

With news of Terry’s release already making its way around social media, 50 Cent decided it was time for a few jokes. In a series of posts he wrote, “”@bmfboss_swt_263 is out, take your time getting to the Bank, No hurry just have what you owe by Monday,” he wrote. He continued in a second post, “The f*** you mean you ain’t got the money. you better get it, before he start looking at this sh*t a little different.”

Before his release, there was still some concern over where Terry would stay to serve his house arrest since his previous place of residence was in California.

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory is also contesting his release amidst his brother’s departure.

His defense lawyer Wade Fink, mentions that Meech is “ubiquitous in hip hop culture” and the release will assist him to “continue to effect positive change for black youth and others all over the country.”

U.S. District Judge David Lawson is currently reviewing the arguments put forward by both the defense and prosecutors and will provide a ruling at a later date.