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Wack 100 Now Owns All The Game’s Assets, Here’s Why

The Game allegedly gave all his assets to his manager Wack 100, at least that’s what his sexual assault accuser is saying.

An attorney for Priscilla Rainey, the VH1 reality show contestant that sued The Game after he allegedly assaulted her, is now accusing the rapper and his manager of hiding money to avoid paying out the $7 million Rainey is owed. According to documents obtained by AllHipHop, The Game and Wack 100 have been going to great lengths to hide any funds that could potentially be seized by the court.

Attorney Michael Jason Lee said in court, “Post-judgment discovery has revealed that Taylor owns almost no assets under his own name, but assigns his interests to receive revenue to his manager, his manager’s company, and other Taylor-owned holding companies.”

The Game

Furthermore, Lee also pointed out that The Game recently transferred ownership of his home to Wack, calling the significant move a “gift”. Rainey’s legal team is now attempting to acquire the seven million from The Game’s royalties.

Lee explained that the court’s decision needs to be swift, saying, “If Taylor is given any notice or opportunity, he may simply create another legal entity, as he has done before, or assign his rights to receive payments from BMI to Cash Jones.” Priscilla’s attorney warned, “Rainey’s cause will be irreparably prejudiced if this request for a restraining order is heard according to regular motion procedures.”

The original case, which was won in Illinois, occurred after Rainey claimed that The Game forcefully reached his hand inside her dress and touched her butt and vagina during filming of the rapper’s reality show, “She’s Got Game.” The Game later filed a lawsuit against Viacom, claiming that the network did not properly screen potential contestants or protect him from Rainey’s allegations. Viacom maintains that The Game was attempting to shift the blame onto the network for an issue he was solely responsible for.