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Jahvillani Showcases Life On The Wileside In “Mighty” Video

Jahvillani has a brand new song and video for his fans to enjoy.

The new release titled “Mighty” brings us onto the Wileside, where we Jahvillani and his goons parading in masks. No, these are not the type of masks recommended to protect against the new coronavirus threat, however, perfect for hiding one’s identity. “Mighty” is a true representation of how gritty the streets of Jamaican can be. Not only does it show a rival crew being taken out, but it also chronicles just how influential females are in the world of crime and violence.

To say that “Mighty” feels like a fresh release would be an overstatement since the track contains similar elements as previous Jahvillani releases. Nonetheless, it is still good to see that Jahvillani is able to spin the ever so popular topic of guns, gangs, and a fast lifestyle into a new song. While lyrics are aplenty throughout the first 1 minute and 45 seconds of the song, the remaining 1 minute and 13 seconds are reserved for Jahvillani’s repetition of himself as being mighty. Repetition as always been a very effective way of reinforcing one’s point, and this time the strategy was used to its full capacity.

“Mighty” finds its way aboard the Private Jet Riddim, which is produced by Dynasty Entertainment Group.

The official music video was shot and edited by Magical.