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Summer Walker & London On Da Track Back Together After Breakup, Shares Racy Pic

Summer Walker and her boyfriend London on Da Track are finally back together after a brief breakup, and to prove it, they shared this racy photo.

A lot of couples have split during the worldwide quarantine that the Coronavirus caused this year, and at one stage that looked to have included Summer Walker and London On Da Track. Fans had their concerns regarding the “Come Thru” singer’s relationship with the producer after a video posted to social media showed a seemingly violent interaction between them. In the clip, first emerged in March, London had his hands wrapped rather tightly around his girlfriend’s neck, tight enough that she yells out of pain at one point. During the exchange, the music producer demands that Summer tells him that she loves him.

“It’s supposed to be sexy, it hurts,” the 23-year-old whimpers, to which London responds, “It is sexy,” and continues choking her. At the end of the disturbing scene, the couple shared a kiss. Those who witnessed the interaction highlighted the abusive behavior, but Summer put their fears on ice via her Instagram Story. She cleared things up saying that he was only playing.

It wasn’t long after that when rumors started circulating that Summer and London On Da Track have broken up and were no longer on speaking terms.

Summer Walker has recently been using her social media to promo her upcoming EP and posted a series of sexy snaps — one of which looks to confirm that she and London are back “on da track.”. “Everything we make together is so beautiful to me,” she captioned the photo of herself with her arms around her man. “He’s was the missing puzzle piece to creating, so talented.”

The rest of the pics have caused a bit of controversy, with fans claiming that Summer does not look like herself and many assuming that she has gone under the knife for plastic surgery.

Summer Walker has not revealed the date on which her new EP will drop, but according to these pics, London will be by her side when it does.