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Snoop Dogg Told Fat Joe He Wants To Battle JAY-Z On Verzuz On IG Live

With battle lines already been drawn for the upcoming battle between two of the South’s finest talents, Nelly and Ludacris, talks are once again being refocused on who the next contenders should be.

West Coast legend Snoop Dogg hopped unto The Fat Joe Show to chop it up with the Bronx host when the topic of the Verzuz battle popped up. As a way of determining who would be the best contender to face in battle, Snoop decided to weigh out the talents that the east has provided over the years by giving a rundown of the history of New York’s rap game.

“Biggie past away and then Nas had it for a minute then Jay-Z took it and ran with it for a numerous amount of years, and then 50 Cent came and ran it for a numerous amount of years,” compared Snoop before concluding, “To me it would be verses Snoop and JAY-Z because he has been the King of New York around the same time I been the King of the West.”

The Verzuz concept, which was developed by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, has already seen some huge matchups and an increase in views with every new battle. Just last week was the neo-soul face-off between two of the biggest ladies of the sub-genre, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. The showdown saw the two talents having a combined total of over 700000 individual streamers connecting at one time. This demolished the previous record held by the old school cats Teddy Riley and Babyface, who pulled in over 500000, which is apparently what Instagram’s platform could handle at that time. The upcoming matchup between the “Roll Out” rapper and the “Hot in Herre” is expected to pull one of the largest numbers since the start of the battle. However, a matchup between Jay and Snoop would definitely see views skyrocketing in the millions.

While the pending numbers do sound sweet, the likelihood of Jay hopping onto an Instagram LIVE battle seems quite farfetched. For starters, Jay would need to set up an Instagram account. This is not too big of a hurdle as an IG account takes seconds to be created, and as others have suggested, he could use Beyonce’s platform. As mentioned by Joe, Jay is just not that guy you see hopping onto an Instagram LIVE session to battle.

“Well I don’t know if Jay Z would do it because he’s just that type of guy kinda like Dr. Dre,” mentioned Joe. “We love him but Jay-Z introvert, quiet, you know what I mean.”

Who do you think would come out victorious in this friendly battle if it does take place?