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NBA YoungBoy Gets Angry As Fan Ran Up On Him, Ignores Social Distancing

NBA YoungBoy is not happy that this fan came up to him in a lowkey neighborhood.

A video recently surfaced online of a fan recording his encounter with rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Though it’s a short clip, it was enough to tell that the rapper was not in the best mood as the fan approached him and told him who he was. Granted most entertainers probably don’t love being told their names, because well, they’re aware.

The fan started out in his own car when he hit the record button and proceeded to give the audience watching a brief prologue. “NBA YoungBoy is in that McLaren right now. I’m gonna go see if it’s him,” the fan said. He then started convincing himself that confirming that it was YoungBoy was his sole mission. “If it’s him I’m not gonna bother him you know what I mean, but like I just wanna see.” Unfortunately for the male fan, his zeal got the best of him, and he couldn’t just walk away.

“You’re NBA YoungBoy bro! Oh My God!” the fan said after approaching YoungBoy’s vehicle and seeing the rapper’s face close up. YoungBoy made an indistinct utterance through the window before opening the suicide doors of the McLaren to exit. As soon as he hopped out he turned to someone outside of the frame to yell “What are you doing?” as if admonishing his security personnel for letting the fan slip by. The video ended before YoungBoy addressed the fan but it sounded like he turned to the lad and started with “Listen…”

It’s still unclear what exactly NBA YoungBoy was doing seated in his car on the curb. According to the fan’s narration in the viral TikTok video, they were in Cypress, California. Fans online reacted with humor as they tried to put the missing pieces together.

“Tf he doin in some random neighborhood?” one fan asked on Instagram. “At least he didn’t hit them like DaBaby,” another commenter said. One of the top comments came from a fan who wrote, “He mad at the security and as he should be what tf they doing letting nibbas walk up to his car damn well knowing youngboy beefin with the whole world.”

Some were amused by the fan breaking his own promise to himself to not engage. “Says ‘I’m not gonna bother him’ but proceeds to do just that,” one user wrote.

NBA YoungBoy has been keeping it lowkey since he said he won’t be releasing any new music for a while. He still managed to steal the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 this week for his project “38 Baby 2” which moved 67,000 equivalent units.

YoungBoy is hands down one of the most popular rappers in the United States right now, Even if he does step away from the limelight for a minute, we just keep pulling him right back.