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Boosie Badazz Shares A WTH Clip Of Himself Feeling On A Mannequin

Boosie Badazz got no chill not even when it comes to a mannequin.

One of Lil Boosie’s recent video uploads to his Instagram account has fans wondering if everything is okay with him and the ladies, the real ladies that is. In what many have now tagged as disturbingly funny, Boosie can be seen grinding on a mannequin before feeling its booty. The Baton Rouge native seemingly cherished every single second wit the headless figure, licking his lips as he tugged it a bit closer to better slide his hand up its/her very short dress. Graphic!

According to his caption, his reason for doing this was to depict, “WHEN U NEED SOME P***Y N MISS THE ONE U F***ING??” We have to give it to the Boosie, he sure doesn’t care about public displays of affection.

Boosie Badazz knows a thing or two about wowing the ladies, therefore, it would be hard to believe the rapper is facing problems with getting some tail. Boosie’s current tally of 6 different baby mamas as produced 8 biological kids. He added 2 additional kids to his family after the death of their father, his friend. However, while speaking to The Box, he mentioned that having so many baby mothers was his main regret in life.

“I’d keep my same kids, just fewer baby mothers,” he said. “I feel like I should’ve skeeted in the same woman and put them all in her instead of being so young, and you gotta watch out for that, you know having kids at a young age.”

While speaking to one of his more prolific interviewers Vlad in 2018, Boosie Badazz mentions that while he has 6 baby mamas, he actually doesn’t sleep with any of them. Furthermore, he admitted that he has 3 girlfriends, much like any other regular person. Based on the rap veteran’s past confessions, it seems he was simply having some fun by messing with the mannequin. Other entertainers such as Dababy, K Camp, and 2 Chainz all got good laughs from the rapper’s antics and that’s all there is to it.

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