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Usher Launching Virtual Summer Program For Scholars


R&B legend Usher has given words of encouragement to young folks who are having a hard time handling the current pandemic terrorizing the globe.

The pandemic has not stopped Usher from still creating opportunities for young people, some of whom aren’t as fortunate as others and rely on his access to the tools his foundation provides to thrive. Usher has a non-profit organization called Usher New Look which generally helps young people in areas of education, career, and other services. Now the singer wants to give back to scholars through his virtual summer program.

According to reports, the UNL Virtual Summer Academy will host sessions on talent exploration, career exploration, health and wellness, fun, prizes, music, and networking from May 11 to Aug. 28. “I wanted to send this as an encouraging message to let you know that even though the COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of our lives on hold, that does not mean that it is keeping your learning and fueling your ambition for your dream on hold,” Usher said.

The mission is to enable these aspiring youngsters to discover their talent within so to speak. The current lockdown has limited opportunities usually exploited through UNL, hence, the singer’s encouragement to his fellow peers. He continues, “So I am asking that you keep this very simple routine: Wake up, get dressed, and log in to the virtual school and give it your all while your there. If you are having any technical issues please have your parents reach out to your schools to get you the tools you need. Listen I’m rooting for you. I’m here for you. Keep going,” the singer said at the end of the video message.

Usher New Look also has a great track record, earning bragging rights for having a 98% turnover rate to tertiary institutions with 86% being first-generation college students; and having 100% of their Leadership Academy graduating high school. With a reputation like that, we are hopeful that UNL’s Virtual Summer program will help scholars to find themselves and create a healthy network where they can continue to promote academic success.

Perhaps the initiative will even attract similarly invested associations that are committed to shouldering this worldwide change and forging a polished methodology in this unprecedented time.