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Sean Kingston Reacts To Viral Video Of Police Raiding His Home In Jamaica, Vehicles Seized

Sean Kingston has stepped forward to address a viral video showing law enforcement officials at his home in Jamaica.

Sometimes a situation is not always what it seems, even when there is supposed video evidence to back up the claims being made. Earlier this week, videos began circulating on social media, which showed a couple of high-end vehicles, including a black Range Rover SVR, a white AMG Mercedes-Benz SUV, and a black BMW SUV being removed from Sean Kingston‘s unoccupied, upscale Norbrook mansion.

Members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force and the military were on the scene with flatbed trucks to aid in the removal of the vehicles, and by all accounts, it seemed like a classic case of repossession. Some construction men working on the property next to Sean’s were credited as the videographers/narrators for the short clips. They also gave elaborate descriptions of the ordeal, claiming the law enforcement team “Bruk dung all di man gate and guh een star,” insinuating that the vehicles were being removed because of lack of payment.

Recently freed dancehall selector and entrepreneur Foota Hype, who has close connections with the Kingston family, commented on the various negative backlash that the rapper has been receiving since the video surfaced. With a stern warning, Foota urged persons to ensure that they have facts and credible information before jumping to conclusions. He also confessed that he himself had no clue as to what was taking place at the house.

Sean Kingston decided to clear the air about what was taking place at the mansion after numerous contacts from curious individuals.

“Uno still a ask me bout house a Jamaica. Stop ask me bout that!” he said while on his IG LIVE.

“You no see me have a million dollars worth a cars Inna me driveway a LA, stop ask me bout that man,” he continued after showing off his Rolls Royce, the Lamborghini Urus Mama Kingston got him for his birthday and his recently secured black Mercedez Maybach.

“Supm did wrong with me engine. Two a me engine dem did f**k up so me did affi get the people dem fi come tow the car dem so me can fix the engine cause me no drive dem inna over a year and a half.” He continued, “Me no de a Jamaica fi over a year so that a the problem. You know when you nah move your vehicle dem affi make sure some people come check pon dem cause you no want the engine dem freeze up pon you. So a that did gwaan.”

In another LIVE, this time with Foota Hype, he expressed that he does not have any time for what he calls “the Mixup.”

Sean Kingston, 30, explained that he is doing well, having recently copped a $US 6 million dollars home in LA and several expensive cars, including a Mercedes-Benz Maybach and a Lamborgini Urus. However, he concluded that he does not need to put that sort of info on blast.

However, some persons are still not sold on Sean’s explanation and are querying what garage the cars went to and why excessive force was needed to gain entry to the property. These are all questions only Sean can answer, and by the looks of things, he has nothing else to say on the topic.

Off the topic of vehicles and property, Sean revealed that he is working on an album with Chris Brown, and there is a possibility of other international entertainers coming onboard.

This is definitely something to smile about and embrace.