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Producer J. White Did It Says Beyonce & Cardi B Did A Song Together

Cardi B and Beyoncé were supposed to release a song together three years ago, but it never happened.

Texas producer J. White Did It, who is the man behind Cardi B’s breakout multi-Platinum selling hit “Bodak Yellow,” is celebrating more success with Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” which just emerged in the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The viral Beyoncé assisted remix had a slight hiccup before release as it was somehow leaked online. This brought back some trauma for J. White, who said he missed the chance to put out a song with Beyoncé before.

In an interview with RealLyfe Productions, J. White Did It shared that he crafted a major collaboration between heavyweights Beyonce and Cardi B only for some unforeseen circumstances to caused the song to not come to fruition. “Three years ago, I was supposed to have a Beyoncé play with Cardi,” he explained as he discussed his reaction to the leaked version of the “Savage” remix surfacing online. “That kinda went sour because it went viral that they were doing a song together and that cut out. This time the song leaked before the song came out.”

The producer says he was just as excited as anyone else would be about the “Savage” remix, but when he saw the song online, he thought it was over. In his own words, he sat there staring at the phone for about 10 minutes in disbelief that this had happened to him again. “I was just as giddy as everybody else. I was sitting there just waiting, looking on the internet, then it leaked,” he said. “I said, ‘Ah, man. This is gonna kill my Beyoncé play again.'”

Luckily for J. White Did It and for fans, the leak was swiftly pulled from the web and then reappeared the legitimate way shortly afterward. The producer has worked with Cardi B on two of her No. 1 hits “Bodak Yellow” and “I Like It,” so he is no stranger to the to spot, but it must not hurt to revel in the success of another Top 5 hit.

As for the Cardi B and Beyoncé record, maybe that’s dead, but who’s to say the future doesn’t hold another collaboration between the two superstars?