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Meek Mill Says COVID-19 Pandemic Is Just Like A Regular Day In The Hood

Meek Mill says the ongoing pandemic is just another day in the hood.

While some of has have already been through some monumental transitions and even life-changing crisis since the COVID-19 pandemic, Meek Mill says it’s nothing that the hood hasn’t seen before. The rapper took to Twitter to use an arguable juxtaposition in his message to fans to stay inside “Just so the world know… 2020 like a regular day in the hood we used to disaster,” he wrote. “Not making money being locked in …sudden death! So people still outside because they don’t even understand the word “pandemic” our whole lives was a ‘pandemic’ -go in the house tho-,” Meek said.

The rapper frequently compares the struggles in the hood to the challenges that we face in very real-life critical situations. Just the other day he compared living in the hood to being in the military claiming that it’s all the same because you are constantly risking your life.

“One time for the soldiers that really gotta go to war and put ya life on the line …. we from the trenches so we know the feeling of having ya life on the line 24/7 not knowing if you gone make it home,” Meek tweeted.

DJ Akademiks was disappointed with Meek’s position and called him out for advocating for prison reform while still glorifying gun violence. While Meek probably meant no harm he still actually downplays the seriousness of the pandemic by saying it’s like normal life for some people and the truth is it is a world crisis.

What was good in the suburbs has gone bad and what was bad in the hood has gotten worse. If Meek sees it as anything less then he might just be the one who needs to understand the word “pandemic.”