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Drake Opens Up To Lil Wayne About His Son Adonis, Kobe Bryant & ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ On Young Money Radio

Lil Wayne and Drake

Drake joined Lil Wayne on this week’s episode of Young Money Radio for an interview that left fans feeling nostalgic.

Lil Wayne‘s Young Money Radio was already off to a brilliant start last week when he previewed some of his new music with Tory Lanez and Jessie Reyez and had guests like Lil Baby and the incredible Travis Scott on the show. Now he is turning things up a notch week 2 with his Young Money brother Drizzy who stopped by for a quick interview with his mentor.

Lil Wayne and Drake talked about everything from the Toronto rapper’s mixtape that was released last Friday, to fatherhood and even the topic of collaborating together. Drake explained that he and his team are still trying to see how things pan out with this pandemic so they released a compilation of songs that were leaked or that he had already premiered on Instagram Live along with a few new joints. The project is all anyone can talk about right now, especially the song called “From Florida With Love” which Weezy asks him about during the interview on Beats1.

Drake and Lil Wayne tourDrake said that listening to Wayne’s album over a decade ago on a tour bus with him and the late Kobe Bryant was a memorable moment for him. It appears it was one of the last moments he remembers before things blew up seeing as he explained that somehow he knew after hearing “Lollipop” and watching Lil Wayne get an angel wing tattooed on his side, that things were about to change for them all. “At that point, I was most in awe of the album ’cause I knew it was about to happen, I just knew exactly where the whole world was gonna be focused for however many years.” Drake who described the moment as “out of body” says he wanted to immortalize it in song and express how sorry he was that they can’t all reminisce about it.

Weezy also asked Drake about recently posting his son, Adonis for the first time on social media, and the rapper says it wasn’t planned, it was a spontaneous decision. “It was great to share that with the world. It wasn’t anything I talked about or anything I planned,” he said. “I just woke up one morning and said, ‘You know what, this is just something that I wanna do.’,” Drake continued. He went on to add, “I wanna be able to go places with my son and share memories with my son.” He explained that he didn’t want his celebrity status to keep him from having a normal dad life with Adonis. The rapper also said that he watched Lil Wayne be a functioning rap father, and an incredible one at that for many years.

Elsewhere in the interview, the rappers talked about the challenges that come with them making music together. Weezy pointed out that they’re both perfectionists and it’s not the same as him simply hopping on a feature with DJ Khaled. When it comes to making a joint with his Young Money brother, Wayne said, “Me and this guy – it’s serious.” Drake then added, “We got a standard we gotta live up to, and we got a track record and a legacy we gotta always protect.” They explained as they have in the past that they also tend to compete when they hear each other’s verses and it might keep the song in limbo for some time.

Before the interview ended Drake who says he will be in the studio all weekend gave Weezy his word that he would cook up something and have it sent to him no later than next week. Drake and Wayne clearly have a strong bond and both push each other to be better. The Toronto rapper even pointed out in the interview that he is in the studio every day because he got his work ethic from the very man he was on the phone with. That being said, their new song will probably be stalled like their long-awaited joint album due to them going back and forth and changing verses constantly after hearing how the other bodied the track. Luckily, for now, we have Drizzy’s new album to look forward to which he says is being worked on every day.

Do you think we should be getting our hopes up about a Lil Wayne and Drake record dropping soon?