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50 Cent Likens Himself To President Trump, Speak On COVID-19 Response

50 Cent is likening himself to President Trump amidst criticism of his response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite Donald Trump’s lethargic response to the COVID-19 epidemic currently spreading like wildfire in the U.S., Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, is adamant that he won’t throw the President under the bus for his slow response. President Trump has come under fire for his efforts to battle the infection, with some critics blatantly expressing that he did not take the virus seriously enough and is now feeling the harsh effects of being ill-prepared and inadequate with his response measures.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Fifty says he is not bashing Trump for how he is handling the ongoing crisis. “It’s an awkward situation. If you respond too fast, you’re wrong, because everyone would be kicking and screaming and saying you shut everything down,” Fifty explains. “But if you shut it down late, you’re wrong. So you can’t win in that situation.” Appearing to have some empathy for Trump’s current reality, the rapper added, “People hate him or love him. There’s no in-between. And for me, I’m looking at it and going: ‘That’s the exact position I’m in.”

As for how the pandemic has been affecting 50 Cent, he says he knew a few victims of the disease who succumbed to its fatal extremity. “I know three or four people who have passed from my old neighborhood in Queens. In New York City, Queens always becomes the worst place,” Fifty said. However, for he explained that for him personally, the isolation is the easy part “I’ve become a bit more comfortable with being in my own space. I don’t think being at home is a punishment.”

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” – this Benjamin Franklin quote says it all. Even though 50 Cent is sympathetic, others won’t be so forgiving. The rapper and TV producer had the time to prepare following the situation that broke out in China last December. He mocked the virus telling citizens it wouldn’t cause any major harm to the economy, but he may live to regret that sentiment.

Trillions of dollars in stimulus packages had to be passed in congress to help navigate the economy, which is in turmoil as evidenced by the amount of unemployment job claims filed since the inception of the virus; thousands have died; states have ordered lockdowns. 50 Cent’s city of New York has also become the largest focal point of the outbreak. It’s no wonder he has to be more empathetic now.