The Weeknd Delivered A New Song On His “American Dad” Episode

The Weeknd dropped off a new single on an episode of American Dad in which he made a cameo.

The Weeknd made an appearance on the provocative TV show American Dad, and what he revealed will shock you. In the newly released episode titled, “A Starboy Is Born,” the Canadian superstar not only revealed his “dark secret” but also blessed fans with a brand new song, which made for a pretty entertaining 30 minutes. The animated series as never been one to shy away from weird and sometimes controversial topics, and why would it. There is already an alien as one of its main characters.

In this episode, we see The Weeknd trading his life of glitz and superstardom with that of Roger’s, the alien previously mentioned. However, Roger’s sister Hayley has a crush on the singer and tries to have sex with him. An animated Abel is then forced to reveal that he is a virgin. He does the next best thing by giving Hayley the rundown of why he is still a virgin through a brand new song.

“I’m a virgin, never got close enough / Cell phone blowin’ up / But I’m waiting for the right person. Tryna act super tough / But inside I’m a 12-year-old boy,” The Weeknd sings while the animated scenes translate the lyrics as best as possible. “I’m A Virgin” was penned by Abel and Asa Taccone, brother of Jorma Taccone, who had a stint as a writer for SNL (Saturday Night Live).

Based on the dark mode of After Hours, the singer’s most recent project, it’s pretty strange to watch The Weeknd in this comedic space. However, the Starboy singer revealed to Variety, “I always wanted to play a character that was the opposite of the public’s perception of me — and of course make fun of myself. Once I was given the opportunity, I took complete advantage. [Writer/producer] Joel Hurwitz believed in the vision and he helped execute it beautifully.”

The singer has really been exercising his acting skills in the last couple of years and is set to broaden his horizon, by voicing an episode of ‘Robot Chicken.’ There is one special animated TV show that the singer really has his eyes set on despite landing the cushy role on American Dad. Weeknd revealed his dream of appearing on The Simpson and has some pretty cool ideas he would like to share with the producers of the show.

The Weeknd shared a snippet of the episode on Instagram, allowing fans to get a taste of the excitement if they are unable to view the full episode.

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