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Did Boosie Badazz Outed DJ Khaled As A Coke Dealer? Fans React

Did Lil Boosie just let it slip that he once bought cocaine from DJ Khaled?

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz revealed in a recent interview some pretty interesting news about his time on tour several years ago. The rapper’s thick accent has always been something to carefully translate and sometimes funny, but this time it has incited a debate online between two sets of people who think they heard him correctly – and only one group of us can be right.

During the interview with RealLyfe Street Starz, Boosie was asked about one of the craziest purchases he made when he was coming up. Many would think he’d talk about splurging on something completely unnecessary and maybe even out of his budget at the time, like perhaps a sports car or some expensive in-home entertainment. However, we would have lost our money there because Boosie admitted that he actually tried his hand in the drug business.


“I was on tour one time and bought two keys of coke off Khaled,” Boosie said in the interview. Or did he? While some fans are sure the rapper threw DJ Khaled under the bus, others are adamant that he said, “I was on tour one time and bought two keys of coke out of Cali.”

Considering the fact that Boosie Badazz has admonished rappers like Snitch9 – even recently – and has done time in the slammer himself because of his street morale, it’s hard to imagine that he would suddenly start name-calling now so many are leaning towards him referencing California and not the We The Best DJ. If you think you’re good at context clues here is a second hint. The rapper followed up with “because it was cheap.” Hmmm, were you more likely to get some cheap coke from Khaled back in the day or from Cali?

The viral video has been circulating online, and fans have been weighing in with their views and what they think they heard. I’d say Boosie’s reputation precedes him, and there is no way he is suddenly snitching on DJ Khaled years later. That Baton Rouge accent thick, but the rapper’s loyalty to unwritten street rules might just be a bit thicker. Check out the video interview and hear for yourself if your ears deceive you.