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Young Thug Says He Was Gravely Ill, “I kind of died”

Young Thug says he basically died and came back to life before due to organ failure.

During a recent appearance on Offset and Friends, a Livestream event hosted by rapper Offset, Young Thug opened up about almost dying from kidney and liver failure. In between songs during his live set, Young Thug told a story about him being hospitalized after a drug episode that caused his whole body to go numb.

While seated in front of his band behind the mic stand, Thugger opted to offer a backstory before jumping into a rendition of his song “Killed Before.” “So, I kinda just stayed in the bed, and I was like, ‘Yo call the ambulance. I can’t move my body,'” Young Thug said on the Livestream. Young Thug added that he couldn’t help himself out of bed when paramedics arrived.

He described that he was literally helpless to himself at the time and had to be aided in his efforts to seek medical attention. He described feeling numb all over his body and could not move by himself. “I went to the hospital, and I had found out that I had liver and kidney failure,” the Atlanta rapper revealed. “And I kinda had sorta passed away, like I kinda died.”

Thugger says his stint in the hospital was no quick one either. He was apparently admitted for weeks and even eventually transferred to a different facility. Young Thug says he spent 17 days in the hospital and was transferred to a different hospital from the one he checked into because his mother wanted a second opinion. The most interesting part was when he said, “Basically, you’ve been dead.’ I’ve been killed before.”

In September of last year, Young Thug was hospitalized, and reports indicated that he was recovering from a surgery he underwent for undisclosed reasons. Though it must have been a horrifying experience for the rapper, we’re just glad it didn’t have a fatal ending.

Now we know the story behind the rapper’s record, which he performed right after sharing. The song “Killed Before” was released on Thugger’s joint project with Future called “Super Slimey.” At least we know that Thugger learned his lesson. He ended his story with an important message: “Drugs aren’t good, don’t do drugs,” the rapper said.

Too many people, including entertainers these days, are losing their lives to episodes like the one that Thugger described. We should all just heed the warning and let drugs be bad all by itself. We’re all glad the Atlanta rapper is still here. Following his admission about his reason for being hospitalized last year, we hope he will accept his fans’ retroactive well wishes.