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Kehlani Exposes Keyshia Cole, Shares Receipts Detailing Their Beef

Kehlani has broken her silence on her beef with Keyshia Cole, and she had receipts.

For the last 2 months, we have been wondering what happened to Keyshia Cole’s verse on Kehlani’s song and video for “All Me.” Sadly, it took her beef with her former friend and rapper Kamaiyah to ruffle enough feathers for us to get some answers. Yes! Keyshia Cole and Kehlani are beefing and in Cole’s exact words while speaking to Hollywood Unlocked, “We didn’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things and that’s OK. Anything’s possible as far as being cool again, but I just don’t think friendship.”

23-year-old Kehlani has been facing relationship issues for some time now, whether it be with her on again off again boyfriend YG or with her fellow Bay Area ladies. Such wayward times are sure to produce a ton load of content for her new album, It Was Good Until Wasn’t. Sadly, it also makes her a ticking time bomb, and the last few days have seen her exploding on social media.

Today she shared a few screenshots of exchanges between herself and Cole before their friendship went left. The Shade Room posted Keyshia Cole’s prior interview and instantly sent Lani in a frenzy, forcing her to comment below the post, “This is just sad and lame tho. i have screenshots of texts of Keyshia apologizing to my manager saying she just felt embarrassed about how she looked in the videos. apologizing to my manager saying she’s just emotional.”

“That’s why she isn’t in the video. i lost money on that. i still look up to her and am honored to have her on the song, there are so many videos of me covering her songs on youtube since i was little. I have screenshots of me telling her she’s an idol of mine. this is all super sad.”

Keyshia Cole was also in the comments, and on top of setting the record straight about her feelings, she also threatened with screenshots, “I’m confused. I thought I explained that I wasn’t upset at all. And that it’s all love. We had disagreements….regardless, that I didn’t disclose. And said I still loved and supported you. But you wanna Drk ‘screenshots??’ I have some screen shots of my own.”

This must have all started from somewhere and Lani decided to provide some information on why Cole was missing from the video for “All Me.” She drew on the screenshots of messages sent from Cole’s alleged manager to support her argument.

The manager said: “Keyshia apologizes. She on deck we gonna figure out solution tomorrow,” to which Kehlani replied, “I wish she would apologize to me.” Cole’s manager then promises to relay the information that Kehlani would have loved a personal explanation. Management also allegedly made mention that Keyshia Cole was “emotional and be overreacting.” The messages pertaining to the music video continued, “She was really self conscious. She said she look like …”

Kehlani confessed that she was not pleased with her actions to post receipts, but she was being pushed to her limit. Kehlani maintained that she is a big fan of Keyshia Cole and really wanted her in the music video for their collaborative single. In the end, everyone, including Cole, is painting her as a bad person when they’re the ones who are coming at her.

The “CRZY” singer continued with a very emotionally charged rant on her IG Stories. Kehlani took the advice to hop off Twitter and to set the record straight in an interview with writer Taylor Crumpton. Quite a lot to handle, especially with her album just days away from its release.