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Kehlani & Keyshia Cole Rumored Beef Heats Up Over “All Me” Video

We might be on the verge of an R&B beef between Kehlani and Keyshia Cole.

Back in December, Kehlani and Keyshia Cole, collaborated on the single entitled “All Me.” The track was released just before Christmas and was somewhat of a surprise gift for their respective fans. “I’ve never had a song hype like this before it dropped,” the “Nights Like This” songstress writes on Twitter just prior to dropping it. “I’ve never had this much energy for a musical release! This is so incredible. I just wanna say thank you, this is some really epic s***.”

The song was a hit for both ladies, and last week Kehlani released a music video. The clip was a two-in-one feature that merged “All Me” and her new song, “Change Your Life.” The video has already been viewed more than 760,000 in the two days it’s been up on YouTube, but not everyone loves the new release — namely Keyshia Cole’s fans. The “Let It Go” singer is nowhere to be seen in the video, and her vocal part has been cut out entirely.

While neither singer has said anything about Keyshia’s absence, investigative fans did some digging and thought that the pair’s recent tweets may be concealing some definite animosity.

“Crazy how the ones you look up to are down to be looked up to but when they gotta be eye to eye with you all hell breaks loose. humble pie tastes good I promise,” Kehlani posted on the social media network. A few hours later, a tweet appearing on Keyshia’s account randomly read, “Girl shut the f*** up.” Eeek.

Those watching from the sidelines expressed their sadness over the apparent beef, and the assumption that these two are no longer friends.

We don’t know what happened to cause such bad vibes, but as music fans, let’s Keyshia Cole and Kehlani work it out.