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Toni Braxton Addresses Story She Dated Dennis Rodman In The 1990s

Toni Braxton thought Dennis Rodman was quite fine, but she never dated the man.

During the mid-‘90s, both Toni Braxton and Dennis Rodman were at the peak of their respective careers. The “Another Sad Love Song” singer had her debut album peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200 and score her three Grammy Awards. The follow-up performed even better thanks to the hit single “Un-break My Heart,” and more Grammys followed, leading to her having sold more than 20 million records by 1996. Around the same time, Rodman was soaring in his basketball career. Having been traded to the Chicago Bulls, the Worm was instrumental in helping them win the 1996 playoffs. Both were also single at the time.

Being the eligible bachelor that he was at the time, Dennis Rodman was linked to lots of famous women, including Madonna, Carmen Electra, Vivica Fox, and, of course, Toni Braxton. The subject of his romantic engagements was under the spotlight in the recent instalment of the docuseries about his Bulls teammate, Michael Jordan, entitled “The Last Dance”.

Following the broadcast, old photos emerged on social media, showing a then-29-year-old hanging on to the platinum-haired sportsman at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. But before tongues got wagging on Twitter, Toni Braxton sought to set the record straight on her supposed relationship with Rodman, saying nothing happened. “Even though @dennisrodman was kinda hot in the 90s, I never dated Dennis Rodman. We were at the VMAs,” she tweeted.

Whether they did or they didn’t, nothing serious came from it as Rodman married Carmen Electra in 1998, and Braxton got hitched to Keri Lewis in 2001.