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Did Cardi B Threatened To Smack Offset’s Baby Mama?

Offset’s baby mama Shya L’amour claims that Cardi B threatened to smack her.

Offset and Cardi B seem to have a happy family according to their most recent social media updates, but everyone has a past. Before Cardi, Offset had a child with Nicole Algarin, also known as Shya L’amour, who recently decided to go public about her and Offset’s disputes and some questionable behavior happening behind Cardi’s back. In a recent Instagram post, Shya explains why she felt the need to go public about her issues with the couple after appearing in court earlier this month to accuse Offset of providing “limited financial support” for her and her daughter.

The drama really hit the fan when L’amour recently posted screenshots of texts she allegedly received from Offset back when Cardi was pregnant with their daughter. The texts appear to suggest that Offset was trying to see Shya for sex despite having been recently married.

Now, when accused of trying to start trouble by publicly embarrassing Cardi with these old texts, Shya has responded in an IG video saying, “Y’all think that I didn’t try to come to this woman privately? I came to [Cardi] privately and respectfully, and she still come with the disrespect talking about she gon’ smack me.”

Shya continued her complaints against the couple and Cardi’s handling of the situation, saying, “I came to you respectful. It’s like talking o a f*cking wall, man. These people slow. Women are supposed to stick together knowing that these men be on the BS.” Offset and Algarin are set to appear in court in May to reassess their child support agreement, and Algarin’s lawyer is claiming that the current economic crisis is adding increased strain to the single mother. Hopefully these three can resolve their differences in a way that creates the least amount of stress for all the children involved.