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Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Blames YFN Lucci Breakup On Cucumber Party

Break-ups are hard, and it seems Reginae Carter is still struggling with her separation from YFN Lucci.

The former couple never had an easy relationship, and their drama was usually posted on social media for the world to keep up with. You’d think that someone would have pulled them aside and suggested that this reality show be played out on television instead of giving it to the public for free. One of the major stumbling blocks in the romance between Lil Wayne’s daughter and the “Key to the Streets” rapper was the infamous Cucumber Party.

The debaucherous bash was hosted by Trouble, who used to date Alexis Skyy and included a game where guests did some unsavory things with the green fruit. Reginae was spotted at the party. Except she wasn’t actually invited — it turns out she had gone to spy on her man whom she obviously didn’t trust.

“After a long on and off again relationship me and Lucci are finally done,” she said on the latest episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. “I feel like he didn’t have respect for me like he did at the beginning. Of course, the Cucumber Party was the last straw for me. I feel like it’s not respectful for a man who’s in a relationship to be there. It’s certain things that you just don’t do, especially dating me.”

During the episode, Reginae Carter was also seen chatting with her mom, Toya Wright, who was never a fan of YFN Lucci. Toya first confirmed the pair’s split at the MTV VMAs last August, saying she just wanted her little girl to be happy. The 21-year-old has now said, “I’m still going through my little heartbreak. I was in love with this man, but I feel like I’m in a healthy space mentally.”

We hope she goes from strength to strength.