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Tory Lanez Set For Big First Week Sales, Gains 2 Million New Followers On Instagram

Tory Lanez IG

Tory Lanez set to post some big numbers for his The New Toronto 3 first-week sales.

Tory Lanez took his Quarantine Radio to fast-rising social media platform Tik Tok, and now it’s all paying off big time. Not only is he now projected to sell 55k–65k album-equivalent units in the first week, but he also gained a whopping 2.2 million new followers on Instagram since launching Quarantine Radio. As a point to note, some 3K of the sales is projected to be from traditional album sales. Tory Lanez’s impressive week didn’t end there, as he also shattered a record on Tik Tok when he took his content to that platform while Instagram issues a ban on him.

Over the past couple of weeks, Tory Lanez has kept his fans entertained on Instagram with live shows that feature a host of artists. Creative ways to communicate with fans in this global pandemic crisis. The Canada native released his new album The New Toronto 3 on Friday, and it has received positive reviews. What probably helped the promo is Tory’s booming presence online these days.


Things weren’t all that peachy last week as Lanez was banned from Instagram Live for inappropriate behavior but has since been reinstated. Tory celebrated the arrival of The New Toronto 3 with a DJ set on Tik Tok, which set another precedent for any live stream on the stage. Yet, maybe what was even more impressive is that Tory figured out how to do that while keeping it family-friendly with no inappropriate behavior and strictly adhering to the rules governing the platform.

By the time he had finished the live stream, he had set a record for most Tik Tok live viewers ever. Tik Tok later confirmed what Lanez stated via his Twitter account. “Shout out to TikTok. I don’t know if y’all was at my DJ sh*t — I’m kinda drunk, my bad,” he wrote. “I just broke the record on TikTok for 70 thousand live viewers. Brand new people and all I did — I ain’t show no ass. There was no a**! There was no a** shaking. There was no call request. All I was doing was playing music and being me. I beat the record on TikTok! Please leave me alone. I love all my fans!”

Tory Lanez is also rumored to be going Independent as The New Toronto 3 will be his last project with Interscope.


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