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Gucci Mane Gets Canceled For His Coronavirus Easter Prayer

Gucci Mane’s prayers on Easter Sunday is earning him some backlash from the cancel gang on social media.

We’ve all followed the news reports or know someone who has been personally infected by Coronavirus. The symptoms begin with a fever, dry cough, and a sore throat, but can progress to fierce body aches and the inability to breathe with some having to be placed on a ventilator. Overall, those who have been infected have had the same response — COVID-19 is not fun and probably something you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy unless you’re Gucci Mane.

“I pray my haters die of corona virus,” the ‘Big Booty’ rapper tweeted out — on Easter Sunday of all days. Considering that over 564,000 people in the United States alone are infected with the illness, and more than 22,000 have already died, it is understandable that Gucci’s post wasn’t taken with the dark humor he probably intended.

“On Easter morning? this can’t be what’s on your mind. Our enemies are just reflections of the parts of us we hate the most,” read the response by author Nait Jones, while MMA fighter Gerald Harris replied, “Man you need some online church services and a hug. This is the worst timed tweet ever. There are people actually mourning the loss of loved ones now, due to the virus. Bad move big homie…”

Many others told Gucci Mane to chill, reminding him that he’s a hater in someone else’s story, while one user quipped that she rather her haters live long to see how great she becomes.

We’re not certain exactly who Gucci Mane had in mind when he wrote the tweet (dude has a lot of feuds), but it’s probably not Future as the pair ended their 4-year-long beef last week when Gucci apologized for how he released their collaborative project “Free Bricks 2.”