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50 Cent Outraged By SlowBucks Allegedly Beating Up Ashanti’s Sister Shia Douglas

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent is among many individuals outraged by SlowBucks allegedly beating up Ashanti’s sister, Shia Douglas.

Ashanti’s sister Kenashia “Shia” Douglas is sharing some pretty graphic images of her face following accusations of domestic abuse against her ex. Shia, who is celebrating her 31st year of life, shared a post to Instagram to commemorate the milestone. In the highlight reel of her life, she is seen transforming from an infant to an adult. While that sentiment is ordinarily a beautiful one, Shi Shi included the good, the bad, and the ugly.

After the first minute, some of the clips in the video showed an abused Shia with a busted mouth and twisted teeth that it appears she had to undergo surgery for. The video also reveals a sonogram that strongly suggests that Shia, who was previously engaged to businessman and founder of Slowbucks Clothing, Windsor Lubin aka Slow, may have also miscarried for her ex who fans are speculating was her abuser.

The 2 minute and 27-second clip that was self-narrated has gone viral on the web following the discovery that Ashanti’s younger sister was once a victim of domestic abuse. In the caption for the video that walked down memory lane, Shia wrote, “Your Story Shapes your purpose,” she continued. “Here’s to 31 @wifeofcreation Written, Narrated and Directed by me. Co director Film editor / Partner @fliphd_life.”

Both fans and celebrities have been reacting with compassion, sending thoughts and encouraging words Shia’s way. She is yet to speak more candidly about what exactly happened or with whom, but like all things that eventually surface in the media, I’m sure there are more details to come.

Some social media members questioned why Shia decided to share this personal side of her life in such a raw and uncut way. Even more valid, some wonder why on her birthday? It doesn’t seem like the type of thing that would come to mind when you think about celebrating. Check out the shocking video Shia shared on her Instagram. It’s possible that her ex-fiance will catch some heat pretty soon.

50 Cent reacted to the graphic photos via his go-to platform Instagram. “Yo what’s wrong wit you boy, hitting that girl like that,” 50 Cent wrote.