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Tory Lanez Shoots His Shots At Mya, “My Future Wife”

Tory Lanez has a major crush on Mya, just like the rest of us.

You may remember that earlier this month, R&B songstress Mya was seen getting married in a top-secret ceremony in Seychelles. At the time, reports suggested that nobody knew who the lucky groom was, but now we know that the entire event was a hoax meant to stir up publicity for the singer’s new music video in which she marries herself. Since it seems Mya is still on the market, it’s no surprise that an eligible bachelor like Tory Lanez decided to flirt with her in the caption of their recent photo together.

After inviting Mya to perform at his Chixtape & Friends show, Tory Lanez posted a picture with the singer, writing, “Me and the love of my life//future wife jk…she was casually just coming off stage after KILLING the #Chixtape&Friends Show…this is me acting as if everything is all cool and I ain’t fanning out on the inside.”

Mya looked amazing at 40-years-old in the photo with 27-year-old Tory Lanez, joining the growing number of female superstars that manage to keep all their beauty and talent for decades into their careers. While Tory may have just been starstruck, some fans are encouraging the rapper, singer, and producer to go for it with his childhood crush. If Nick Cannon made it happen with Mariah, whose to say Tory can’t lock it down as well?

Tory Lanez’ most recent mixtape, Chixtape 5, dropped at the end of last year and gifted us an ode to 2000’s R&B, sampling hits from several big artists from back in the day, including Mya, Mario, Ashanti, and Lloyd. The nostalgic project brought back feelings from another era, appealing to the 80s and 90s babies who are frequently disappointed with the state of new music. Tory’s lighthearted proposal just goes to show that, just like the early 2000s R&B, Mya’s appeal to fans is timeless.