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Drake Giving Us ‘One Dance’ Vibe With TikTok Hit “Toosie Slide” Listen It


Drake brought back some of his “One Dance” vibe with his TikTok hit “Toosie Slide.”

TikTok is emerging as one of the saviors in this new confined world that we are being forced to living in. If you have been anywhere on social media within the last couple of months, you would have noticed the numerous dance challenges that have emerged from the app, each of them with a popular backing track. Drake seems to be taking advantage of the new craze as he drops his latest release, “Toosie Slide.” The Canada rapper is no stranger to his tracks being used for dance challenges. Drake’s most recent leaked is now being pushed as a TikTok ready release. With only a few seconds of the track being leaked earlier this week, the song has already seeped into the hearts of TikTok users.

A clip that has since gone viral shows the Atlanta based dancer who goes by the name Toosie, showcased the simple dance moves while Drake raps, “right foot up, left foot slide/left up, right foot slide.”

The full track provides a lot more for the dancing community, and Drake knows how to strike the perfect balance. He always finds a way to drop a few extra bars for those folks who are not so inclined to embark on a dancing showcase. Nonetheless, “Toosie Slide” feels like a fun track, which is something different from his two most recent releases, “When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle.

Whether it is starring alongside DaBaby and Lil Yachty in the latter’s “Oprah’s Bank Account” video or flipping burgers with Future, Drake has been known for putting a fun spin on the visual content it gives fans, and we are sure “Toosie Slide” won’t disappoint.