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21 Savage Went Savage Mode On Young Chop For Wilding On IG

21 Savage went full Savage Mode on Young Chop who has been on social media wilding all week.

Young Chop has been calling out rappers like 21 Savage and Meek Mill, but they’re expressing concern for his mental health. On Sunday (March 29), Young Chop proceeded with his ongoing assault against Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage. This time around, rather than posting an Instagram Live video, the beatmaker posted a screen capture of a discussion among himself and 21, in which he challenged his hood.

While in isolation, Chop has been on a dissing binge on IG Live. He focused his trolling attention on 21 throughout the end of the week.” I state facts. Yeah, I’m saying n***as’ names. Yeah, 21, all y’all n***as some b***es. What’s up? On God,” Young Chop said. “And I’m in Atlanta. And 21, we live in the same area. Tell the people that. We live in the same f***ing area. We go to the same Walmart, n***a. What’s up, n***a. Let the people know that.”

In an Instagram Live on Wednesday, the “Bank Account” rapper directly addressed the remarks made by Chop. “Cause you from Chicago you just the toughest n***a in America? We don’t give a f**k where you from, that s**t don’t make you tough,” Savage said during his livestream. “In the most treacherous hood, it’s n***as that’s h*es. All that ‘I’m from here I’m from there’ that s**t don’t mean nothing. N***a don’t give a f**k where you from, period.” 21 Savage later responded to Chop’s insults insisting that fans buy his forthcoming album. “Make sure y’all go get his tape when it drop cuz he need da clout and pray for him cuz he done lost his mind,” he said.

This whole back and forth all started when the “Love Sosa” producer alleged that there was a situation in the studio where he had a gun on him while he was there with 21 and Meek Mill and they were shook. “They had the Bentley trucks outside… Them m***f***rs skitted off,” Young Chop previously said live on Instagram. “Whole time he was hiding behind Meek Mill, though. I ain’t even see him,” he added about 21 Savage.

Even Meek Mill suggested on Twitter that the Chicago producer was showing obvious signs of mental issues as everyone appears to be unsure about why he is behaving this way after they have been constantly working together throughout the years. It doesn’t seem like Young Chop is planning to stop anytime soon, though. Could he just be clout chasing like Savage said?